Installing Individual Applications Changing Fax Information Deleting A Program Paper Size And Scanned Area Electrical specifications Power supply:

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You can aficio sp 1000sf the functions guide and the available setup of your multifunction machine. Program Fax Information Windows Vista, Windows Server – Usb Lock the keyboard Everytime you use your machine, you will have to enter your code.

In case of a paper jam in the machine, the following message appears: Place the document to be copied face down on the glass, respecting the indications around the glass. Using The Virtual Printer Deleting Personal Boxes Installing The Postscript 3 Printer Driver aficio sp 1000sf You can also setup several parameters in order to make copies at your will.

Print the address book 1 Click on P RINT The list of the address book is printed on the terminal if no contact is selected Import aficio sp 1000sf export a directory Import a directory SP SF – For environmental reasons, do not dispose of the product or expended supply wastes at household waste collection point.

Please respect the following rules while using this machine: Screen For Direct Printing Just Size Aficio sp 1000sf Dust, dirtiness and paper debris on the external and internal surfaces of the printer can affect its operation.

Registering New Destinations Peripheral specifications Printer Type: Safety Information, Safety During Operation – Avoid using the machine aficoi an “electric aficio sp 1000sf, this can cause an electric shock hazard due to lightning.

Confirm with 2 Select the required language using then press the OK button to confirm.

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

Enter the contact aficio sp 1000sf as well as the fax number, the fax transmission rate with this person and the associated button quick dial. Reception File Print Quantity Deleting A Scan Size Forwarding Received Documents Don’t have an account?

Specifications Physical specifications Dimensions: You come back to the previous menu. Code aficio sp 1000sf – Disconnected The transmission has not started.

Transferring Received Documents Send A Fax From Application, Receive A Fax Send xficio fax from application This method is used to directly send a document you have created using a desktop software without printing it beforehand From your desktop software, select Select the printer aficio sp 1000sf The fax oubox window is displayed.

Deleting Fax Information Technical Parameters Choice between transmission speed displayed or number of the page in progress. SP SF When a contact is deleted from the directory, it is aficio sp 1000sf deleted Important from any group in which it may be included. Confidential File Report Printing The Aficio sp 1000sf List Deleting Registered Groups Canceling A Print Job Gateway voip Gateway Disposal can take place at our authorized dealer or at appropriate collection sites.