I try my best. Compacts wireless and eventuully forced the realtek drivers to install but I cannot get monitor mode working. PaulT 1 year ago. If I run it in a Kali distro it captures correctly, but under Raspbian Jessie with airodump built from source , on 5GHz it shows all stations as unassociated, even when some are connected to APs. By swapping out the antenna or adapter type, we can target different kinds of networks. And I want to put an order as soon as possible.

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I will be basically using it alfa networks awus036h wireless sniffing and as tome goes by for pentesting as its my area of interest. I think I am going to return it, does anyone have advice for a better wifi adapter for someone new to hacking?

Alfa networks awus036h external antenna is truly dual band instead of 2. I see they are pretty much the same as when I bought one for Backtrack many awus0366h ago. Even I am planning alfa networks awus036h order the same one but just a quick confirmation. Shows the information of the devices that connects to the AP including their MAC addresses and the time that they connected with this device.

At the end, it comes down to how good the hardware is and how subtle the signal is. While alfa networks awus036h previous adapters have been 2. Please anyone can help me? Ethan August 7, at 2: Make sure you buy the v1.

Alfa Network AWUS036NHR User Manual

I’m currently testing the crazy orange one and so far I hate it. Like was also mentioned, it does not scan all channels.

Successfully Hack a Website in ! What is your hardware setup? Any alfa networks awus036h on a compatible wireless usb adapter for use on a macbook pro, kali linux in virtualbox? So thanks a lot. Are we talking the v1 or the v2?

Saeed 5 years ago. Shit I might have to make a part 2 after testing some of these suggestions. Module not found in directory ect.

Samy Kamkar – SkyJack: autonomous drone hacking

Once, inside the Konsole. But injection problem can be solved only maybe with Linux guru. I actually hope that wireless adapters will have a storage also, so I can also USB boot alfa networks awus036h and have wlan at the same time: To qwus036h an available Network to your profile list, select an Add to Profile available network and click this button to add.

If you have a different card feel free to share here which will probably help another user someday. The Parrots actually launch their own wireless network which is how the networs of alfa networks awus036h drone connects. Without one, many attacks are impossible, and the few that work can take days to succeed.

Alfa Network AWUS036H Installation Instructions Manual

I guess it uses an intel card for wifi but i may have to look it up to get exact model I am a wedding photographer and use a lot of band width on my uploads. It has duel 5dbi antenna.

I have considered alva another adapter, BUT alfaa one may not work either! I have mint 18 and run kali 2. It gets into alfa networks awus036h mode but this is all it can do. I m planning on changing my TL-WNn to something better.

Click this button to change configurations to this AP Association Table: Upon clicking on the links to purchase the products on Amazon, in the customer reviews several pple have stated some of these adapters do NOT alga with Kali Linux 2. Hopefully my woes are sorted out alfa networks awus036h August 11th!