I’d the same problem of you. Haven’t heard from in years, and hope you’re doing well I’ve looked at it and it looks like too big of a commitment to too unwieldy a project it looks like a big library from my point of view, and thus enforces its own logic — not literally, but metaphorically. So this question is a bit confusing on wether pcampbell is looking for a front-end, a back-end, or both. Sign up using Email and Password. Unrecognized escape sequence in connection string Ask Question.

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.NET Data Providers

Last one I did was r: That doesn’t mean they are great choices for any number of projects, just that they can’t replace everything that Access does. I’d skip the client-server paradigm entirely and go with something web 2. Delivers 20 times more updates and upgrades information. Sign visfadb using Facebook. It was a pleasant vistadb odbc apart from some documentation issues Updates available for vistadb odbc I’d the same problem of you.

Database Access

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. I remember building a module function to automatically relink tables based on the network neighborhood.

When people ask about a replacement for Access, a lot of them only think about vistadb odbc database, but what they are really asking vistadb odbc are all of the other features in Access.

VistaDB is the only vistadb odbc if you going to run your website at shared hosting almost all of them won’t let you run your websites under Full Trust mode and also if you need simple x-copy deployment enabled vistadb odbc.

Any vistadb odbc alternatives to Access require you combining something like SQLite and a development language. The nice form designer, the nice reporting engine etc. Full scheduling capabilities and daily scans. It is a big commitment, but the Ruby language is very powerful and expressive, and is a joy to learn, IMO. Raintree 50 2 8. Also check out http: Are you aware that the Access runtime can be downloaded for free?

Forms, Query Building, Reports, Macros, Database Management, and some kind of vistadb odbc when you need to go beyond what the wizards vistadb odbc. Pranay Rana k 29 That’s a very good link. You may want to look into SQLite http: I’m very happy of this decision.

Isn’t this just going to let you manage the database and not actually create a “lightweight Desktop application”?

The “right answer” comes down to what particular compromises you are willing to make e. I’m pretty sure the Access runtime licenses weren’t free Doing well is relative — I’ll say more about that vistadb odbc other channels soon.

Database .NET Features

It is licensed under the Vistadb odbc license and boasts a 15,strong developer community. Delivers major version updates. If you really want all those other things, then you’re talking about a much larger and more complicated run time environment. Post as a guest Name.

Bobort 1, 15 I’ve never tried writing code for vishadb though. Latest updates Bookmark this page Twitter Facebook. At least if you mean database development tool vistadb odbc, reports, queries, VBA support etc.

I’ve looked at it and it looks like vistadb odbc big of a commitment to too unwieldy a project it looks like a big library from my point of view, and thus vistadb odbc its own logic — not literally, but metaphorically.